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Now meet the real ken dab-row

You Are Here For A Reason!

A Message From Ken

What's his secret? His secret isn't just about staying active; it's about a zest for life that most can only dream of. Ken isn't your average nonagenarian. He’s a beacon of enduring vigor, and now he's offering to light the way for you.

Ken offers daily emails, but they aren't just any email. They're a call to action. Each video is a testament to the power of living fully, no matter your age. Ken will inspire you to:

Break Free from Age Constraints: With each video, Ken challenges the myths of aging, proving that your best years are never behind you.

Live with Purpose: Ken’s stories and insights provide more than inspiration; they offer practical advice on embracing life’s every moment with enthusiasm and resolve.

Cultivate a Resilient Mindset: Learn from a man who has weathered life's storms with grace. Ken shares his philosophy on overcoming obstacles and thriving against the odds.

"One of a kind!"

-Craig Powers,

SVP, Curb Records

“I just started getting  back on track with my YouTube videos and these words of encouragement is much needed.  Thank you for support and encouraging us all to do better.  Sometimes we don’t even hear it from anyone at all, like myself.  So you posting these are so very important.  They might not be for everyone, therefore some of us that need to hear this”

-@backyardkatanadad, YouTube

"Here’s a man that enjoys life and stays in shape. God bless you grandpa you got the total package and a full head of hair salute."

-@rickmarino0, TikTok

“Great way to start my day.  Hey hey.”

-@DukelCT, YouTube

“What a perfect thing to watch before my early morning run."

-@renalaniz-garcia4810, YouTube

“Love you sir!!! You're a gift to this world!”

-Earthworx, TikTok

“I’ve never seen this man before but if I learned he passed away anytime soon it would irreparably break my spirt.”

-Hunter Elms, TikTok

“Dude is a top G legend!!  All of us have the potential for this level of vitality at his age and he’s giving us the users manual on how to do it!”
You give us a look inside the mind of a genius!  It takes a high level of skill and discipline to manage the mind as you do.”

-Earthworx, TikTok

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